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A true training yacht for the whole family.

The Delphia 16 is a training yacht for novice sailors of all ages.Born from a concept by Karol Jabłoński and Adam Liszkiewicz, the D16 was designed specifically forsailing schools to provide basic seamanship training for children and novice adults.

The Delphia 16 meets all safety requirements in the category of Sports and Training Yachts and, despiteits compact size, lends the sensation of a true sailing adventure.

LOA 5.00 m
Beam 1.85 m
Min. draft 0.15 - 0.77 m
Mast high 6.70 m
Total weight 310 kg
Maint: 7.65 m2
Fok: 4.65 m2
Genaker 14.50 m2
buoyancy chambers 1200 l
Category CE 4 - 6 pers.
Designer Andrzej Skrzat
Koncept and consultation Karol Jabłoński
Adam Liszkiewicz

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